Farm Fresh


For Mother’s Day, my husband built me a vegetable garden.  I had mentioned to him a while back that I wanted a vegetable garden.  I thought it was so sweet that he remembered that conversation and did this for me.  I am so excited about this new project.  Gardening is a stress relief for me, and of course I look forward to teaching my daughter, Ellie, all about it.  

Garden Prep
Helping Daddy Prep the Garden

I have not done much vegetable gardening, so I wanted to start small.  I eventually want to expand my garden, but didn’t want to overwhelm myself in the beginning.  I decided to only plant cucumbers, squash, cherry tomatoes, and regular size tomatoes.  I also planted some marigolds because they help keep pests out.  My father-in-law also recommended using the black felt to prevent weeds from growing.

The Varieties We Planted

Ellie is already enjoying helping mama in the garden.  We bought her a cute little gardening kit (Kids Gardening Tool Set (pink)), and she loves it.  We are a little behind in the planting season, but  I can’t wait until we have some fresh veggies for her to pick.

Ellie Watering the Marigolds

If you have never had a fresh picked tomato, you are missing out on one of life’s simple pleasures.  Fresh makes all the difference.  I also can’t wait to make my Grandpa Mac’s recipe for marinated cucumbers (I’ll share the recipe in a separate post).  It is definitely one of my favorite summer recipes.

If you are new to gardening, I recommend starting small.  Gardening is an on-going learning process.  It should be enjoyable, and not feel like a burden.  Start with a few different kinds of produce and then expand once you get the hang of it and know that you will have the time for it.

I am loving this gardening project so far and look forward to our first harvest of fresh veggies.  I still need to get tomato cages.  All the plants are flowering so hopefully we will have veggies soon!
Next up on my gardening project list: planting a pumpkin patch!  Stay tuned for updates!

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