5 Simple Protein Shake Recipes


I have a protein shake every morning for breakfast.  I can quickly make one right before heading out the door for work, and I know I am getting the nutrients I need.  I mentioned in my Self-Care for Busy Mamas post how replacing just one meal a day with a protein shake is a great way to start your journey to a healthier you.  I wanted to share how I make my shakes and a few of my favorite recipes.

Every shake I make has two scoops of Arbonne Protein Powder (either chocolate or vanilla), 1 scoop of Arbonne Daily Fiber Boost, almond milk, and ice.  If I decide to use frozen fruit in my shake, I will leave the ice out.  I use that as my base and then add stuff from there.  I put all of the ingredients in the blender, and it takes about 5 seconds to blend it all up.

I definitely recommend using a pea protein powder instead of whey.  Pea protein is much easier to digest, and won’t make you bloated like the whey protein powder does.  I also recommend using a water soluble fiber.  Water soluble fiber is also easier to digest and won’t “clog up” your digestive system.  Shakes are great ways to get in extra nutrients.  Adding things like kale, ground flax seed, ground chia seeds, spinach, greens powder, etc. can give your shakes a healthy boost.

Here are a few easy and simple shake recipes to give you some ideas.  There are so many different options you can do, so have fun discovering new favorites!

Chocolate Almond

 Classic Strawberry Banana

Creamy Avocado

Mixed Berries and Greens 

Reese Cup


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