Fall Preparation


I know what you are thinking.  Fall already?? Well…just a little bit.  Fall is my favorite season, and I look forward to it so much that I have the urge to decorate early, but I hold back and wait until at least after Labor Day.  I have found some other ways to channel my love for fall without going overboard and decorating when it is still summer.

Here are a few ways I plan for fall (just a little early):

  1. Make a bucket list of everything you want to do as a family this fall.  Put some fun, family day trips on your calendar while it is still open.
  2. Go through old fall decor and throw out or donate what you don’t need anymore.
  3. Research fall decor ideas, and get some inspiration on new ways to decorate this year.
  4. Go through your fall/winter clothes and donate what you don’t need and make a list of things you do need.  Do the same for every family member.
  5. Make a list of fall recipes you want to try out this year.
  6. Make a list of ingredients you will need to stock up on for your fall recipes.
  7. Do a deep clean of your house to prepare for the cooler months ahead.
  8. Plan fall crafts for your kids and buy supplies.
  9. Make a list of books you want to cozy up with and read this fall.
  10. Go ahead and browse HobbyLobby or another home decor store for new fall decor.  Sometimes you can find an early sale.

I am so looking forward to the fall season and cooler weather, but I’m still going to make the most of the last few weeks of summer.  I hope these ideas give you some inspiration on ways to channel your love for fall even though it is still summer.


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