A Healthy Home


Home Sweet Home Blog Series.  Post #2

A Healthy Home

About two years ago, I started the process of switching all of our household cleaning products to non-toxic alternatives.  At first it seemed like a very overwhelming task, but as I did my research I learned that it really didn’t take as much effort as I thought.  I also learned that having a healthy, non-toxic home can save you money (more on that in a little bit), and the products actually clean better than their toxic alternatives.  I was pleasantly surprised!

The main reason I decided to switch to non-toxic household products was because we now had a little one in the house, and I wanted to make the environment in our home as safe as possible.  Kiddos lick and touch everything!  The last thing I wanted was for my daughter to be licking windex residue off the back door, or crawling on a floor mopped with lysol.  Another reason I decided to make the switch is because I would get headaches and sometimes feel dizzy from cleaning with harsh products.  Especially when you are in a small space like a bathroom and don’t get good air circulation. Ugh!

My main goal with this post is to give you some resources for finding non-toxic products that work for your family.  So here is my go to list: 

Pumice Stone.  Y’all, a pumice stone can work miracles!  This is probably my favorite cleaning tool ever.  I have one that I use on the toilet, and then another I use on the tub/bathroom sink.  This thing can get any rings off your toilet or residue off you tub.  Just slip on some gloves and within five minutes the surface will look brand new.  No cleaning agents required!  Just be careful what service you use it on.  Don’t use it on faucets or anything with a chrome finish.

Norwex.  I love me some Norwex products.  They have amazing reusable clothes that work with water to kill bacteria.  The micro silver in the fibers kill the bacteria without using any cleaning agents.  Just the cloth and water is all you need! My favorite items are the enviro cloth, the window cloth, and the mop system.  Plus these products pay for themselves!  No refills required!

Essential Oils. Essential oils are another wonderful non-toxic alternative!  Just make sure you are using pure grade essential oils and no weird knock offs.  I love that you can make your own cleaning spray, air-freshener, ant spray, etc.  The possibilities are endless, you just have to do a little research and gather the right materials.  I love these 2 oz glass bottles and these 8 oz glass bottles for making cleaning products.  One of my friends has an awesome Instagram page called The Healthy Happy Home (@the_healthy_happy_home) where she shares tips and tricks on how to use essential oils.  I suggest giving her a follow if you are interested in learning more about essential oils!

So that’s my list!  Short and simple!

An extra bonus I discovered when I switched to non-toxic products is that I have a lot more room under my kitchen sink.  Without all those bottles of cleaning products and swiffer refills I was able to free up a lot of space.  Along with creating a healthy environment, switching to non-toxic products has saved me time, money, and space.

We spend a lot of time in our homes.  I think it is so important to create a environment that is safe for our families and guests.  If you have any questions or don’t know where to start, just let me know!  I would love to help!

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