Goals for the New Year

With the new year right around the corner, I know most people are thinking about their new year resolutions.  For most, it is the same every year.  This is the year I am finally going to do {fill in the blank}.  For most people, their motivation fizzles out by the time February hits and they fall back into their old habits or forget all about their resolutions.

I personally don’t even like to use the word resolution, I prefer to say goals.  When I hear the word resolution, I just think about the new year, but when I hear the word goals, I think about an on-going process.  I think the new year should be a time to reflect on the past year and set new goals for the coming year.  It is important to never stop learning and improving.

When it comes to new year resolutions or goal setting, almost everyone makes the same mistake, they try to do too much too soon and get overwhelmed.  To really make progress, it is important to start with baby steps and enjoy the small wins.  Instead of having one broad resolution, break down your goals into attainable steps.  For example, if my resolution is weight loss, start by replacing one meal a day with a protein shake or by eating one healthy meal a day.  Then gradually build up from there.

Also, don’t try to do all your goals at one time.  For most people trying to change too much stuff at one time is stressful.  Start with your top priority goal, and slowly work your other ones in.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and do some brainstorming.  What do you want to improve on in your life?  Just start writing ideas down.  Whatever comes to mind.  After you’ve done your brainstorming look at all of your ideas and circle your top 3-4 ideas.  Take these ideas, prioritize them, and break them down into attainable steps.  I suggest keeping a notebook where you can track your progress.

Also, don’t just focus on your goals at the beginning of the year.  Make them part of your daily routine, and feel free to update them as the year goes on.  Sometimes you have to reevaluate and change the way you go about working towards your goals.  Enjoy the journey and celebrate the small improvements!

A few of my goals for the new year are to:
save money for a down payment on a house
read the whole Bible in a year
eat/be healthier

I’m still creating my action plan, but here it is so far:

Saving Money
Set goal amount to save.
Create savings plan for how much we need to save per week to reach goal.
Create budget to cut out spending.
Re-read Dave Ramsey book or listen to podcast.

Reading the Bible
Create or find reading plan online
Write verses to read in planner for each day
Make time in morning routine to read verses

Becoming Healthier
Join Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living group for Jan. 8th
Look up recipes and meal plan for the month
After 30 days replace one meal a day with protein shake
Find healthy meals that are toddler friendly for Ellie
Create at home workout plan

Leave me a comment below with your goals for 2018.  I would love to hear them!


Kelly Johnson
© 2017 | All right reserved

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