Strength & Dignity: A Proverbs 31 Woman {Part 10}

In part 10 of this series we look at verse 19.  The verse says: In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers.  In this verse the good wife is spinning her own thread.  In those days a woman had to make the clothes for her family.  You can bet that she didn’t have to worry about a cluttered closet!

If you think folding clothes and ironing is a big task, can you imagine having to make your own clothes too?  I am thankful that we don’t have to do that now-a-days!

Is laundry one of your most dreaded chores?  I don’t mind the washing and drying part, but the folding and putting away part is not pleasant.  One way we can alleviate some of the work of doing laundry is to learn to live with less clothing.  If your closet is anything like mine, it is over stuffed.  Most of us have an over abundance of clothes.  Some of which we don’t even wear!

Doing laundry would be so much easier if we had more room to hang it up and more room to put it away in the drawers.  And I’m not talking about adding on to your house, I am talking about getting rid of stuff.  Our closets will never be organized if we don’t learn how to get rid of stuff and live with less.

A clean and de-cluttered closet will make doing laundry a breeze!  I can personally attest to that.  I recently tackled my own closet.  It had gotten out of control.  I have the biggest closet in the house, so many times it became the dumping ground for all of our stuff.  I asked my parents to come up one weekend to help watch Ellie, while I tackled this mess.  My closet was stressing me out.  It was so difficult to find anything, to pick out outfits, and to put laundry away.  I can’t even begin to describe how much a clean and organized closet has made my life so much easier.  It is totally worth the time and effort!  My before and after pictures are below.

I cleared out 1 big bag of trash, 3 big bags to donate, and one bag to sell on Poshmark.  Getting rid of this useless stuff lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders.


Strength & Dignity Part 10 action item:

Take some time this week to go through your clothes.  Donate at least one bag to charity or someone in need.  If you have the time, go ahead and do a whole closet clean out.


Kelly Johnson
© 2018 | All rights reserved

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