Strength & Dignity: A Proverbs 31 Woman {Part 16}

In part 16 of this series, we look at verse 25.  The verse says: She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.  This is probably the most popular verse of this passage, and obviously where I got the title for this series.  When I read this verse I think about a strong, confident woman, and someone who doesn’t worry about things that are out of her control.  She is prepared for the days ahead and does not worry about the future.  

There is only one way a woman can become like that, and that is through a personal relationship with Jesus.  She is strong in the Lord.  She is dignified and finds her confidence in God.  She does not worry about the days to come because she trusts in God’s plan and seeks His will.

I know MANY times in my life I have worried about things that are out of my control and try to plan my life too much.  I do believe that we have the ability to live on purpose and with intention, but we should make sure we seek God’s will through all of that.

Keep God first and everything else will fall into place.  I’m not saying that life will always be easy, but He will give you the strength, direction, and wisdom you need to do life well.


Strength & Dignity Part 16 action item:

Are there worries, fears, and stresses that are cluttering your heart?  Write out what is bothering you and then take each one to God in prayer.  Let it go and make room in your heart and mind for what matters most.




Kelly Johnson
© 2018 | All rights reserved

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