Managing Your Career, Home, and Motherhood with Grace and Grit

Managing your career, home, and motherhood can be so overwhelming.  Most days it can feel like you are drowning in overwhelm and stress.  You have a long to-do list at work and a long to-do list at home.  You have people that need you at work and your family and children that need you at home.  You work all day just to come home and work some more.  Trust me, I get it! How in the world do you find the energy and time to do ALL the things?  To keep going. To not fall into a depressed state of mind.  I promise that you can find happiness and fulfillment while managing your career, home, and motherhood.  You have to be willing to grow, change, evolve, and put in some work in order to get the life you long for.

Grocery Shopping Tips

I wanted to share a few basic grocery shopping tips that can help save you time and money.  By just doing a few simple tasks, you can gain a lot of benefits.  No crazy couponing or going from store to store to find the best deal.  Just simple, easy to implement practices.  It may seem like it won’t save you a lot of money at one time, but it adds up fast.  I cut our grocery bill in half this past month just by doing a little extra planning.

Home Sweet Home Series Wrap-Up

I so enjoyed doing this Home Sweet Home mini blog series.  As you probably already know, I think it is so important for us to make sure our homes are a place of rest and refuge for our families.  By creating a peaceful, healthy, cozy, and inviting environment in our homes we are serving our families and everyone else that enters the doors of our home.  I think some people dread the holiday season because of the extra work it takes, but it is so worth it to put in the extra time and energy to really make it special for the ones you love.

An Inviting Home

Home Sweet Home Blog Series. Post #4

The last post for the blog series is all about having an inviting home.  Having a peaceful home, a healthy home, and a cozy home all help you prepare to open your home to others.  The holiday season is when most people take more time to be thankful for what they have.  What better way to share your blessings with others than to invite them to share a meal around your table and time of fellowship in your home.

A Healthy Home


Home Sweet Home Blog Series.  Post #2

A Healthy Home

About two years ago, I started the process of switching all of our household cleaning products to non-toxic alternatives.  At first it seemed like a very overwhelming task, but as I did my research I learned that it really didn’t take as much effort as I thought.  I also learned that having a healthy, non-toxic home can save you money (more on that in a little bit), and the products actually clean better than their toxic alternatives.  I was pleasantly surprised!

A Peaceful Home

Have you ever walked through the door of your house after a LONG day, and took one look at the place and felt completely overwhelmed? Yep, me too!  I’ve been there so many times.  Our homes should not be a place that stresses us out or overwhelms us.  Our home should be a place of peace and refuge, and a place we go to decompress.