Home Sweet Home Blog Series

For the month of September, I really want to focus on HOME.  I will be doing a mini blog series on how we can make our homes a place that is peaceful, healthy, inviting, and cozy.  Our homes should be a place of refuge for our families, but let’s be honest managing a home can be a bit overwhelming at times.  It is all about finding your rhythms, learning what works for your family, simplifying, and being thankful for what we have.

With the holidays just around the corner, our homes become a gathering place for friends and family.  Let’s make sure we are prepared for welcoming others into our home, enjoying fellowship together, and not stressing over the small stuff.  I can’t wait to dive into this series and prepare for the upcoming season.  I hope y’all will join me!

Southern Hospitality 


The South is known for its hospitality and friendly people.  Everybody waves when they pass you in the road whether they know you or not.  Porches are necessities, and we always welcome friends and neighbors to stop by.

We love a good potluck or pig pickin, because a southern woman is always looking for an opportunity to show off her cooking skills.  One thing that I have learned over the years is that hospitality doesn’t have to be a big showy deal.  It is nice every now and then to have a big barbecue and invite the whole neighborhood, but on a everyday basis hospitality isn’t that big of an ordeal.

Fall Preparation


I know what you are thinking.  Fall already?? Well…just a little bit.  Fall is my favorite season, and I look forward to it so much that I have the urge to decorate early, but I hold back and wait until at least after Labor Day.  I have found some other ways to channel my love for fall without going overboard and decorating when it is still summer.